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For over thirty years Ira C. Kaplan, Esq. has been practicing law in New Jersey. He is also licensed in Florida.

After receiving his Master of Laws at Columbia University, Ira worked for and became a Partner at a commercial litigation firm. Ira honed his skills as a litigator, often representing banks in commercial litigation, foreclosures, and bankruptcy matters. Ira also represented clients in the purchase, sale, and refinance of commercial and residential real estate and in divorce, probate, and guardianship matters.

In 1996 Ira opened his law practice in Hackensack. Ira added a significant, far-reaching divorce and family law practice. For over twenty-five years, Ira has been intimately involved in all aspects of family law, from Private Counsel to Guardian ad litem, to Parenting Coordinator and Mediator, and now as a Collaborative Divorce Law Attorney. Ira often represents clients in the most difficult cases, including high income/net worth, with claims involving dissipation of assets, physical and emotional abuse, custody and cohabitation.

As a Litigator and regularly appointed Parenting Coordinator; Guardian ad litem; Court Approved Mediator; and after serving as Early Settlement Panelist in Bergen County for over twenty-five years, Ira has the trust and confidence of the Judiciary and his peers to masterfully address a broad range of family law matters in a decisive and compassionate manner, all with an eye toward prompt and civil resolution.

Whether by litigation, mediation, or collaboration, Ira is prepared to successfully resolve your family law and legal matters in a prompt and civil manner.

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Since 2001 Cynthia has been Ira’s Legal Assistant. Before attending Eastwick College where she received her certification as a Paralegal, Cynthia served as corporate travel manager for Panasonic and Toys “R” Us. Cynthia provides warm, personal service and often acts as liaison to clients in all aspects of the practice.

Divorce / Family Law and Domestic Violence

Divorce / Alimony / Child Support / Custody

For over thirty years, Ira has represented countless individuals in their divorce and post-divorce matters, including corresponding claims for alimony, equitable distribution, custody, and child support. As a family law litigator, Ira often represents individuals in high-conflict and high net-worth cases. As necessary, forensic financial evaluators are consulted to ascertain true income and lifestyle so alimony, equitable distribution, and child support can be determined. Likewise, if the parties cannot resolve issues of custody and parenting time, or if mental health issues exist, forensic mental health evaluators will assist with the necessary evaluations and recommendations. Ira has lectured on the topics of child support and enforcement, domestic violence, custody, parenting coordination, and collaborative divorce.

Domestic Violence

For over twenty-five years Ira has represented litigants in hearings for the entry of Final Restraining Orders. Ira has represented over one-hundred and fifty pro-bono victims of domestic violence through his association with Bergen County Alternatives to Domestic (ADV) and Shelter our Sisters n/k/a Center for Hope and Safety. Ira has also lectured on the topic, having prepared legal training materials for ADV as well as serving as annual speaker at Shelter our Sisters for its Domestic Violence Certification Program. Ira received training and certification as a Domestic Violence Counselor. In 2021, The New Jersey Judiciary honored Ira for his pro-bono services in domestic violence and guardianship matters. Ira has lectured about the representation of traumatized clients on behalf of the New Jersey Woman Lawyer’s Association.

Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP)

Ira has successfully represented many litigants faced with allegations of abuse or neglect of their minor or special needs children. If you are faced with a complaint by DCPP, you must have well-seasoned counsel by your side who is thoroughly familiar with the process. Ira has been appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey as Guardian ad litem for children involved in DCPP matters.

Guardian ad Litem

For over twenty years Ira is regularly appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey to serve as Guardian ad litem for children in the midst of abuse, custody, or relocation cases. Pursuant to court order, Ira performs a thorough investigation, communicating directly with the parents, medical providers, teachers, therapists, and other relevant collaterals, before issuing a report to the court with recommendations for custody, parenting time, and related issues (i.e., education, medical care). Ira’s written recommendations are considered by the court before any order is issued and they are often adopted by the court. Ira has lectured on the topic on behalf of The Bergen County Bar Association, Family Law Committee.

Parenting Coordination

Ira regularly serves as court appointed or privately retained Parenting Coordinator for families who require assistance with co-parenting and related issues. Successful use of a Parenting Coordinator allows the parties to avoid court intervention and the financial and emotional cost associated with it. Ira assists the parties in developing parenting time schedules, appropriate protocols to facilitate co-parenting, and effective communication between the parties, all with an eye toward the children’s best interests

Alternative Dispute Resolution


In 2002 Ira was trained and received his Certification as a Family Law Mediator. For over twenty years, Ira regularly serves the Superior Court of New Jersey as a Court Approved Family Mediator pursuant to New Jersey Court Rule 1:14. Ira has successfully mediated over one hundred cases. Ira’s training as a Collaborative Divorce Law Attorney and his experience as an Early Settlement Panelist for the Bergen County Judiciary, provides him with the unique ability to promptly and successfully facilitate resolution of your divorce or family law issues, without the expense and stress associated with court intervention.

Collaborative Divorce Law

In 2019 Ira received his training and certification as a Collaborative Divorce Law Attorney. Collaborative Divorce is a more holistic, family focused approach to the divorce process with a commitment to resolution without court intervention. Ira is a member of and has lectured on behalf of the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey, presenting seminars on Parenting Coordination and the Collaborative Divorce Law process. For more information on the Collaborative Divorce process, go to


Ira has served as Arbitrator in contested divorce matters. Arbitration affords the parties a forum for prompt and effective resolution with appropriate control over the process. Avoid the time and expense associated with protracted litigation. Take control of the process. At your convenience, your family law matter can be arbitrated and resolved in the comfort of an environment you choose.

Guardianships / Elder Law

Guardianships / Elder Law

For over thirty years Ira regularly receives appointments from the Superior Court of New Jersey to serve as Attorney or Temporary Guardian pendente lite for alleged incapacitated individuals. Ira has been appointed to serve as Plenary Guardian of Person and Property/Estate for individuals, many experiencing mental health, or cognitive issues. Having handled a wide array of cases, every one with its unique challenges, Ira has the insight and experience necessary to expedite and streamline the guardianship process. Ira regularly represents clients who need to file for guardianship on behalf of incapacitated individuals or a special needs child.

Estate Planning & Litigation / Probate

Estate Planning & Litigation / Probate

Throughout his practice, Ira has represented Executors, Administrators, and Beneficiaries in Probate and Estate Litigation pending in the Chancery Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey. Ira’s skills as a trained Litigator, along with his insights as a Mediator and Collaborative Attorney, afford Ira the unique ability to often settle these matters without the parties unnecessarily incurring fees and costs and the emotional drain associated with protracted litigation. If you require estate planning, Ira has decades of experience in preparing Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts, including Special Needs Trusts, all geared to your unique needs and desires.

Commercial and Business Law

Commercial and Business Law

In 1989 Ira commenced his practice of law primarily as a commercial litigation attorney; focusing on business litigation, foreclosures, and bankruptcy. The practice continues and includes the representation of individuals and businesses in all aspects of commercial litigation, including shareholder disputes, and claims for business losses. Ira often represents clients in the purchase and sale of businesses. Ira’s long standing, broad based, commercial experience makes him uniquely qualified to diligently and successfully represent your commercial and business law interests.

Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

For over thirty years Ira represents individuals and entities in the purchase and sale of real estate, including private residences; apartment buildings; mixed-use buildings; strip centers; and office buildings. Ira has many long-standing clients for which he provides broad services including acquisition, sale, refinancing, leasing, and litigation.



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